Mandatory Medicare Applications

The Rules regarding Medicare have recently changed. If you are close to your 65th birthday, please remember you must apply for Medicare even if you have decided not to apply for social security at the time you reach 65, or have decided to put off your retirement.



Carbon Monoxide Alarms Required and Safe Homes Act

If you or your business have rental property, you MUST install carbon monoxide alarms! Also, your home MUST have one too. Illinois has recently passed a bill requiring all owners of residential property to install an approved carbon monoxide alarm (Public Act 094-0741). This bill requires all residences to have carbon monoxide alarms if they have attached garages. 

Also, another bill allows a tenant to avoid paying rent if there is a threat of domestic or sexual violence or they are a victim of sexual violence on the premises controlled by a landlord. A landlord MUST change the locks within 48 hours of a written request. 

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Home Repair and Remodeling Act

help avoid home repair and remodeling fraud





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