Areas of Practice

The Adler Law Firm is a full-service general practice law firm serving the needs of consumers, small businesses and individuals.


How do I protect myself when I set up a business venture? Come in and we'll tell you how, and we'll pair your situation with the appropriate entity - corporation, LLC (Limited Liability Company), partnership, or some other way of giving you peace of mind. We'll discuss insurance, tax and permits, and everything else that will affect your enterprise. And, when you call with a question or need to come in, we will be ready to serve you in a prompt and efficient manner. We return telephone calls, we stay in touch.


Real Estate  

Buying, selling or leasing, residential or commercial, landlord or tenant, each has a different need and focus. In each case, you need a written contract, and each contract needs to be tailored to your wants and needs. A seller is principally concerned with the size of the check at the end of the deal, while a buyer needs to assure that the title to the property is clear and the figures on the closing statement are accurate and what was agreed upon. Commercial leases involve proper zoning, insurance and costs above the rent figure. The purchase and sale of commercial and industrial property involve EPA issues as well as zoning and good title. Don't try it alone.


Family Law - divorce, guardianships, adoptions and more   

Three of the major issues to be considered in a divorce case are:

ONE – are there children    Custody of children – support     

TWO – how much money is involved    Award of marital assets – maintenance

THREE – what is this going to cost     Cost - emotional and financial

Many times in a marriage with children custody becomes an issue. We have successfully fought for child custody for fathers and for mothers, both in divorce court and in paternity cases. Custody cases are very expensive, both financially and on a persons emotional well-being. We will prepare you for the fight.

We will help you fight for what you are due, be it child support, maintenance (alimony) or property of the marriage. Marital property includes most retirement rights; a proper QDRO (Qualified Domestic Relations Order) or like order will be prepared. If a spouse has wasted marital assets, we'll go after a dissipation award.

Divorce costs, for attorneys fees, expert fees, examination fees where doctors are involved in a custody case, investigator fees, and other costs, can become staggering. We will tell you up front what the costs are, and how some of them can be avoided. Almost no one is happy right after the divorce is entered, but we make sure that we address what may happen so that you will have satisfaction with how you were treated by your attorney. And maybe you'll even be happy with the divorce two and a half years after its entry.

Almost every divorce has additional issues which need attention i.e. refinancing the house, removal of a former spouse from the mortgage obligation, resumption of maiden name, supervised visitation, grandparent visitation, moving out of state, and a myriad of others.








Small Business