Firm History

Daniel J. Adler (Dan) founded the Adler Law Firm in 1984 in Joliet, Illinois, after working for the Davis, Varsek & Dystrup law firm for six years. With deep family and business roots in Joliet, Illinois, the firm has over the past 30 plus years demonstrated strong values and proven results. The firm's success stems from its commitment to the rights and needs of individuals and small business owners. Mr. Adler has many times represented a second generation, and sometimes a third generation, of clients.

The professionals at Adler Law Firm focus on the individual needs and expectations of each client that they serve. Everyone in the firm works diligently to empathize and understand the unique needs of each and every client. We understand our clients' needs for communication and input about their matter.

From its inception, the firm has provided its clients with practical workable solutions to every day problems in a non-threatening client-friendly environment.

Daniel Adler '84