Injury Cases...

Here are four exhibits used at four separate trials which we have conducted in cases. In one case, a car crash led to a spinal injury. In one, the design of a riding mower allowed the mower to shift expectantly from a stopped to a forward position, throwing the client off the mower. One case had to do with the defective design of a staircase in a public building; it caused an aged client to fall and fracture her hip. The tool with the blue handle in NOT a weapon in a case; rather the tool was an exhibit used to show how certain construction work was performed. I have it here only because it's a colorful exhibit.

We have obtained awards and settlements for our injured clients in many types of cases:

  • Industrial accidents involving death, crushing injuries and amputations

  • Car and truck crashes

  • Workplace accidents

  • Falls

We have done a lot of Workers' Compensation and Auto Accident work..


If you or a family member or friend has been injured, call us for a no cost interview to determine if you have a case. You will be able to speak with YOUR lawyer throughout your case.

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